Why Join?

  • To affect positive change in your local communities and beyond
  • To support the industry that provides for your family and employees
  • To feel confident about your efforts in creating a sustainable work environment
  • To be recognized as an industry leader

As a stakeholder in the housing industry, regulation and legislation passed on the local, state, or national level can make or break your business climate. Housing industry professionals are busy and don’t have the time to individually ensure that their voices and opinions are being heard at meetings that could result in over-burdensome laws and regulations.

Since 1956, the Home Builders Association of Virginia has served as THE VOICE of the industry to affect positive change in order to nurture a healthy industry. Based on the foundation of ‘housing for all Virginians’, HBAV works with its members to develop solutions to address over-regulation, labor shortages, land availability, and the future of affordable housing choices.

HBAV members join to be a part of a solution and support the industry that provides for their families and employees.

HBAV’s 3-in-1 membership structure (national, state, and local representation) guarantees you a political voice to help your business and homeowners flourish. More importantly, we provide a variety of return-on-your-dues benefits and programs that will easily cover the cost of your membership.

Questions about membership or how to join? Contact Emily Evola today.

What You’ll Get With an HBAV Membership

When you join the Home Builders Association of Virginia, you get a triple return on your investments by becoming a member of your state, local, and national associations. Here are a few of the HBAV member benefits:



HBAV protects the business climate of our members by advocating on their behalf at the Virginia General Assembly and state agencies that regulate the housing industry. These efforts provide a collective voice for the housing to elected officials and regulators.

HBAV’s experienced professional government relations staff acts on more than 200 pieces of legislation each year and actively participates with numerous regulatory agencies that draft the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, Stormwater Management regulations, and licensure requirements.



HBAV and NAHB regularly host seminars, webinars, and teleconferences allowing HBAV members the ability to stay ahead of the competition in the convenience of their work environment.

The HBAV Education Foundation works to advance building industry education opportunities and the labor force in Virginia. We work with local HBA’s, school systems in Virginia, community colleges, universities, and other similar institutions of learning by providing grant funding to work towards accomplishing the foundation’s objectives.

The HBAV Education Foundation is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization that relies on tax-deductible contributions to fulfill its mission.


News & Information

HBAV is a resource for information that affects member businesses. Membership communication encompasses legislative and regulatory updates, economic updates, industry trends, tools, and tips to improve our member business, and opportunities to connect with peers from across the state.

HBAV will identify pressing housing industry issues at hand and send a ‘Call to Action’ asking members to contact their elected officials in order to affect positive change.


Professional Credibility

As a member, affiliation enhances your businesses’ image and provides leadership opportunities and professional recognition perks associated with membership. A membership with HBAV signifies credibility and good standing to the buying public.

Each year, the Virginia Housing Excellence Awards recognize HBAV members who exemplify leadership, engagement, and dedication to the success of the HBA, community, and the Virginia building industry.



The HBAV Insurance Agency provides HBAV members with all of their business insurance needs. The agency has been successful in catering to the needs of members of HBAV and only market competitively priced and high-quality insurance products.

Truly a one-stop-shop, HBAV Insurance Agency proudly represents elite and diverse insurance companies that share their core values of trust, honesty, and integrity. Knowing that all of their clients require exceptional knowledge and attention, HBAV Insurance Agency strives to stay ahead of the curve in an industry that is constantly shifting.


Networking & Events

HBAV members have the opportunity to participate in statewide housing events with top industry leaders. HBAV signature events provide education, professional development, networking, and marketing opportunities to all members.

  • HBAV Annual Conference
  • Virginia Housing Excellence Awards Celebration
  • Virginia Builders Summit
  • Installation of Officers Ceremony


Discounts & Rebates

Rebates on building materials: HBAV partners with HBA Rebates to provide member rebates on over 50 of the country’s leading manufacturers. This program offers the same rebate as the ‘Top 5 Builders’ receive regardless of a builder’s volume.

HBAV’s partner, Small Business Growth Partners, provides members with a FREE business diagnostic and plan of action (BPA). Take advantage of this great member benefit!

How Can I Get Involved?

HBAV has a number of ways for members to get involved and utilize your leadership skills to lead our organization. 


HBAV Membership Committee: The HBAV Membership Committee meets throughout the year to establish HBAV membership goals, a strategy to work with the local HBA’s on achieving its goals, and communication of the HBAV member benefits.

HBAV Education Foundation: The HBAV Education Foundation recently updated its by-laws to better address the labor shortage being felt by HBAV members around the state. The HBAV Education Foundation will leverage its resources to assist local HBA, CTE Schools, and colleges in their construction trades workforce development initiatives.

Women Building Virginia: HBAV’s Women Building Virginia was founded in 2023 and serves as a leadership and networking group for the women of HBAV. HBAV’s WBV meets quarterly both virtually and in-person at HBAV’s signature events. 

HBAV Legislative Committee: The HBAV Legislative Committee helps to establish HBAV positions and priorities on legislative and regulatory matters affecting the home building industry in Virginia. The HBAV Legislative Committee is appointed by local HBA’s. Contact your local HBA today and ask to be appointed to the HBAV Legislative Committee.

HBAV BuildPAC: Every strong trade association has three pillars to its government affairs program. The first is a full-time legislative team, the second is grassroots efforts, and the third is a political action committee. The HBAV Political Action Committee (PAC) is a pro-housing, non-partisan committee that supports elected officials and candidates for office that are pro-housing. To learn more about the HBAV BuildPAC, click here or contact Andrew Clark.

Small Business Growth Partners

Free Business Planning Tools: 

HBAV partners with Small Business Growth Partners to provide HBAV members with a free Business Diagnostic and Plan of Action (BPA). This $2,000 value is a 12-month business “Plan of Action” for you and your company, broken down by the disciplines of business – sales, marketing, processes and systems, team and people, actions and accountability, financial tracking, and planning. Through this HBAV member benefit, you will also receive a full DISC/Motivational profile on yourself and up to 10 key team members (an HBAV member favorite!). The deliverable is a highly researched, extremely clear, and actionable 40+ page “road map” for you and your business. The BPA will also be fully explained to you in a 1.5 hour BPA Outbrief with two executive coaches. Click here to get started!

small business growth partners

NAHB Savings

NAHB Member Savings Program:

Through agreements with more than 20 national companies, NAHB offers exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services that can benefit your business, employees, or family.

Through the NAHB Member Savings Program, you can save thousands on a new General Motors or Nissan vehicle and up to 5% on all Lowe’s purchases through NAHB’s partnership with Lowe’s 4 Pros. Explore all of the member discounts and savings here! 


HBA Rebates

Member Rebate Program:

The Member Rebate Program is a FREE member benefit available to all HBAV Builder and Remodeler Members. There are currently over 50 of the country’s leading manufacturer brands participating in the Member Rebate Program offering the same rebates as the “Top-5 Builders” receive, regardless of your volume. The average rebate per builder/remodeler company that participated in 2020 was $1,495. To learn more about the member rebate program, click here!

Blower Door Testing

Discounts on Blower Door Testing through HBAV’s Partnership with PEG:

HBAV partners with PEG to provide members with blower door testing to comply with the changes to the 2018 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code

PEG specializes in building energy performance, green building program compliance, building diagnostics, environmental and code compliance, thermal performance, HVAC design and operation, and construction defect. PEG performs at every level of contracting from commercial structures to residential dwellings to charitable endeavors. Click here for more.