HBAV BuildPAC is HBAV’s political action committee, most commonly referred to as a PAC. It is HBAV members from across Virginia combining their resources to support pro-housing, pro-business candidates running for office in Virginia.

PAC contribution decisions are made by reviewing the candidates’ positions and voting records on housing and HBAV priority issues. Decisions are bi-partisan. 

The Importance of HBAV BuildPAC:

  • The overall objective is to elect pro-housing candidates
  • Our political action funds are necessary because today’s campaigns require large amounts of money in order to achieve victory on Election Day. We must participate to be recognized as a political force before candidates are elected, which helps HBAV when issues of industry importance are before elected officials.
  • An essential part of the HBAV is showing our collective statewide support for housing issues at the capitol, and our political giving allows us to stand behind our legislative priorities. 

For more information on how to give to HBAV Build PAC, contact Andrew Clark / 804.643.2797.  Funds can be given by both corporate and individual sources.

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