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House Wrap

Whether you’re looking for a builder-grade perforated house wrap or a high-performance wrap, we offer solutions to meet your needs, manufactured under high-quality control standards. Each of our Barricade® House Wraps are engineered with high-performance features that offer faster, easier, and more reliable installs.

Structural Sheathing

Our Barricade® Thermo-Brace products incorporate an air and moisture barrier on both sides of our light-weight structural sheathing solutions. Saving on labor and material costs, our sheathing line offers a better alternative to OSB and expensive, heavier panel system competitors.

Synthetic Roof Underlayment

Our underlayments feature wrinkle-free materials and a cool gray color that reduces the surface temperature. Both UDL products come standard with a non-skid coating that provides ultimate protection from possible damage from moisture and tears, backed by a 20-year limited warranty.

Window & Door Flashing

Barricade’s peel and stick window and door flashing products intercept and direct the flow of water to designed drainage paths to prevent water from penetrating building structures. Each of these products provide a permanent, flexible, weatherproof seal, free from VOCs, and solvents.

Construction Seam Tape

Optimize your home’s weather resistance by implementing Barricade® Seam Tape as part of the wall envelope’s secondary line of defense against exterior moisture penetration. Provide added protection by sealing the gaps, cracks, and crevices where air can easily penetrate the home, and ultimately affect your heating and cooling costs.