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Modernizing Virginia’s Stormwater Guidance:  DEQ’s New Stormwater Management Handbook

Apr 3, 2024 | HBAV News, HBAV Newsletter

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality recently released the new Virginia Stormwater Management Handbook, Version 1.0, marking a major step in consolidating and modernizing its regulatory guidance documents for new development, redevelopment, and upgrades (retrofits) to existing development.

The Handbook was designed to streamline the permit review process, minimize discrepancies between applicants and regulators, and create a “living document” that is responsive to stakeholder input, technological advances, and evolving needs in the field.

The Virginia Stormwater Management Handbook, Version 1.0 is one of several stormwater-related regulatory initiatives set to take effect later this year.  The Home Builders Association of Virginia has compiled a comprehensive guide to assist residential builders, developers, consultants, and other industry partners in navigating the new Handbook and accessing other relevant resources.