About HBAV

Dedicated to protecting and enhancing the housing climate to ensure the vitality of the building industry so as to benefit its members and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia

The Home Builders Association of Virginia (HBAV) is a 4,300-member statewide organization of home builders and firms that provide products and services to the home building industry. HBAV dedicates approximately 60% of its annual resources to representing the home building industry before state lawmakers and state regulators.


Benefits of Membership

It is vitally important for the home building industry in Virginia to have an effective voice in the halls of the State Capitol in Richmond because Virginia is a “Dillon Rule” state, which limits the powers of local governments to those powers expressly authorized by the state legislature. Consequently, local governments cannot impose new fees or taxes on the home building industry or impose overly burdensome new provisions in their local land use ordinances unless they have been approved by the state legislature and signed into law by the governor.

Each year the Virginia General Assembly considers over 3,000 bills and resolutions. HBAV reviews every bill introduced annually to the state legislature, identifies those that could impact the housing climate (positively or negatively) of the state, and directly lobbies state legislators for their passage or defeat. Each year HBAV supports or opposes approximately 150 individual legislative bills and resolutions.

In two recent surveys of state legislators by Virginia Business magazine, HBAV has been identified as one of the top five “most effective” lobbying organizations in the state.

Likewise, HBAV is the home building industry voice on matters before state regulators that could impact the housing climate of the state. Hardly a week passes without HBAV meeting with the Department of Housing and Community Development (Uniform Statewide Building Code), Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Conservation and Recreation (stormwater management), Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Board, Department of Health (water and septic) or the Virginia Housing Development Authority.

Annual Sponsorship Program 

“Designed to Enable Builder and Associate Members of HBAV to Display their Support and Commitment to the Homebuilding Industry in Virginia”

The HBAV Annual Sponsor Program has been created at the request of the HBAV Executive Board. It will enable active Associate and Builder Members that have expressed an interest in supporting HBAV and its mission to annually budget for their level of Annual Sponsorship, and have clear understanding of the many benefits of each sponsorship level throughout each calendar year.

Each level of Annual Sponsorship (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) is designed to provide the sponsoring company significant marketing advantages and/or exposure to the nearly 5,000 members of the Home Builders Association of Virginia. While several of the Annual Sponsor benefits are linked to the HBAV Annual Convention, including the HBAV Annual Installation of Officerssponsorship proceeds extend far beyond those two (2) events, and throughout the year. Click here for your HBAV Annual Sponsorship Program

A significant percentage of Annual Sponsor proceeds help underwrite the expense of the everyday activities of HBAV, ranging from our ability to effectively represent the home building industry before state lawmakers and state regulators to the retention and expansion of our numerous member services. Your enrollment as an HBAV Annual Sponsor should be considered an investment in your immediate and long-term business climate. Every dollar will be dedicated to protecting and enhancing the home building climate in Virginia.

Thank you for your investment in your business climate and the business climate of the home building industry in Virginia.